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Lalcafé Yeast; a natural biocontrol product for post-harvest processing

Dec 1, 2020

As part of the biocontrol role the Lalcafé™ yeast can play, here is another example of their effectiveness. The laboratory team is continually researching to improve the use of the selected yeasts and shows evidences of the good impact of Lalcafé™.

Lalcafé Oro™

The aim of the laboratory manipulation was to check on the viability and resistance of the Lalcafé™ yeast on coffee fruits natural fermentation. Little batches of fruits (150g) were macerating with Lalcafé Oro™, whereas a control was undergoing the same condition but without yeast addition. After 72h of maceration incubating at 37°C, a plating on Petri dish has been performed to assess on the yeast viability and effect. The growth medium was yeast selective (Sabouraud) and the dishes were left for 2 days at 30°C.

We can clearly see the biocontrol from Lalcafé Oro™ being present and protecting from spoilage microorganisms. Our selected yeast is overtaking the endogenous flora by being inoculated at a slightly higher rate and consuming sugars.