About us

The LALCAFÉ™ yeast range is brought to you by Lallemand. The LALCAFÉ team is a multinational cross functional team spanning from research, technical sales support and product management. The team has a combined experience in coffee processing, microbiology and fermentation technology. We are here to assist you with any questions you may have about controlling the fermentation of your coffee.

Lallemand is a privately owned Canadian corporation with divisions operating around the world and has more than 100 years of developing and producing yeast, bacteria and specialty ingredients for agricultural, health, pharmaceutical, fermented beverages, feed and food industries. One of Lallemand’s goals is to provide micro-organisms selected from nature that are able to improve the control of fermentation process and to optimize the quality of the final product.

With this experience selecting specialized yeast for coffee processing is a natural progression of Lallemand’s expertise in Microbiology. The production of micro-organisms and investments in Research and Development positions it very well to service the coffee industry.

Lallemand has worked on coffee processing for more than 7 years in laboratory, field and base research. Internationally renowned coffee research institutions, multinational producers, boutique growers, and NGO’s, partnered with our team to execute more than 30 market trials before the launch of the LALCAFÉ™ range of yeast. Scott Laboratories, a company based in the United States, played an important role in the development of solutions for coffee processing using selected coffee yeasts in partnership with Lallemand. They continue to supply yeasts for coffee processing for Latin America.

LALCAFÉ™ is proud to offer the coffee producing community tools that can assist them in improving their production processes and the quality of their coffee.