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Lalcafe CIMA™

Lalcafe CIMA™

Lalcafe CIMA™

LALCAFÉ CIMA™ coffee yeast enhances brightness and citrus notes in the cup. LALCAFÉ CIMA™ will also enhance the mid-palate mouthfeel of the coffee.

Fermentation occurs in all coffee processing methods. During fermentation, two of the many phenomena that occur are demucilagination (the breakdown of mucilage and pectin) and the expression of sensory characteristics of the coffee. In most processing methods, this is primarily achieved through various yeast’s biological processes. LALCAFÉ CIMA™ can be applied to whole fruit or depulped coffee, in either submerged or «dry» protocols.

After years of studies run with different technical and research centers investigating coffee production and with results coming from trials performed in different wet mills around the world (in the Americas as well as Africa and Asia), LALCAFÉ CIMA™ yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) has been characterized and selected for its capabilities to increase processing efficiency, enhance cup quality, and improve consistency.

Its specific metabolism and its high capacity for implantation even at cold temperatures (minimum 15°C inside the coffee mass) allows for the expression of fresh and fruity characteristics of the coffee while respecting the original varietal character.

Lalcafe CIMA™ has been validated by cirad

• Available in 500 g pack and 10 kg box.
• To be used once opened.
• Only use vacuum-sealed sachet.
• Store in the original packaging, in a cool and dry place (< 25°C).