Application & Benefits

Why Use LALCAFÉ™ Yeast?

Lalcafé yeasts can be used in any post-harvest coffee processing method.

Fermentation control during coffee processing yields a clean and consistent cup profile. LALCAFÉ™ coffee yeast strains optimize and enhance the inherent advantages of coffee processing without the risks. In the wet process, demucilagination is accomplished through microbial activity. Traditionally, unknown microbes yielded inconsistent results with greater potential for coffee defects.

Adding a selected LALCAFÉ™ coffee yeast strain to the tank immediately after de-pulping coffee ensures an efficient and consistent demucilagination. When processing whole fruit coffees, it’s important to add yeast soon after harvest. LALCAFÉ™ coffee yeasts also create desirable volatile flavor compounds that will diffuse into the coffee seed and ultimately be expressed in the cup when kept in contact through extended maceration.

Selected LALCAFÉ™ coffee yeasts help optimize and regulate the microbial flora during coffee processing with positive results on end cup quality.


The Benefits of LALCAFÉ™ Yeast

The benefits of LALCAFÉ™ coffee yeasts have been validated across different continents, microclimates, cultivars and processing scenarios. LALCAFÉ™ coffee yeasts have been selected from nature for their ability to crowd out existing spoilage organisms, execute demucilagination, and reveal desirable flavors during maceration. Using LALCAFÉ™ protects your coffee from defects.